jueves, 26 de junio de 2014

Numbers and Football - Colombia

Numbers and Football - Colombia

october 2013. Colombia qualifies for Brazil 2014, after 16 years absence
3rd. Colombia is the 3rd producer of women's lingerie.
5. Cano Cristales is known as the river of 5 colors.
6 and a half.  The world's largest doll was made in Colombia. She is called Nana and is 6 and a half meters tall.
1990. In Italy Colomba had its best performance on a fifa world's cup tournament. Here Colombia draw a match with Germany who was the champion this year.
4. 4 years after 1990, defeder Andres Escobar scored an own goal in USA.
27. Escobar was murdered at age of 27 when he returned home after Colombia was eliminated from the worl cup on the first stage.
1994. Today's team made the best campaign from 1994.
4. 4 days later of the first victory of this cup campaign, Colmbial loose against Argentina and the federation change the coach.
2006. This Year Peckerman lead Argentina to the quarters final on the Worl's cup tournament.
5. After Peckerman start his coaching, Colombia won 5 of the next 6 games after the Argentina match.
16.  Colombia made 16 goals, incuding 6 from Falcao
2. Two wins and a draw made that Colombia need to qualifies on home against Chile.
7. When 7 minutes remaining was a penalty where Colombia draw the match 3-3 and confirm his participation on the Fifa World Cup.
4-2-2-2 . Is the formation used by Peckerman with Colombia team
5 games won with Pekerman
1719. Cuiaba was Founded in 1719, and is one of the cities where Colombia is going play on World's cup 2014.
4. Four matches are going to take place on Cuiaba.
24. June 24th is when Colombia is going to play with Japan in Cuiaba.

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The Kapsch App

A new service that Kapsch put at your fingertips. It’s the mobile tachometer. This app is useful to keep your travel expenses controlled. The app shows you how many kilometers have you used the express way and indicates the cost of each travel. In this way you know the cost of your travel online, and you can review your month bills and compare them with your own information. And the best of all: It is free! Yes! You just have to see some ads from time to time. Of course you can avoid the ads paying a very low fee once a year.
The cost to develop this project could be very cheap, because it could be made by trainee students on summer. It’s a very innovative way to approach to the regular public so they can know who is Kapsch. Typically Kapsch works just with very large companies that owns the express ways, but with this app we have a path to let us know in a different way. That’s the reason to do it.

A Day at Work

My day start early with a shower. After that I have a very fast breakfast. After that, my wife and I leave my son at school. Then I take a Transantiago to my workplace. At work the first thing I do is to say hi to all my team and have a little chat with each one to know if everything is in calm. Then I review my inbox. With this information I plan my day. Then I asked for the status of projects and prepare a summary to my boss. The list is ordered by level of urgency and importance. Normally if something is pending from the day after take more urgency. If there is everything controlled, I review some personal projects and make annotations to generate useful information for the future. Unfortunately in practice my day is gone just with urgent things, the important ones remains pending until they became urgent. L